Milliken Society Mug Club

Milliken Society Mug Club Benefits - Free Handmade Mug to Take Home ($30 value) - Lifetime Membership for 1 Person - 2 Free (1lb.) Bags of Coffee - Free Size Upgrade Anytime (16 oz. to 20 oz.) - $1 Off Specialty Coffee Drinks - $2 Off 1 lb. Coffee Bags - 10% Off All Espresso Bay Merch - $1 Off Pour Over Coffee - Exclusive Specials and Giveaways for Club Members Throughout the Year!


How To Sign Up

1. Visit our Shop and Pay a One-Time $50 Membership Fee
2. Pick up your New Handmade Mug and Free Bags of Coffee
3. Enjoy your Lifetime Membership!  


Ask your barista for more details or send email to


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